Connection pool configuration

When instantiating a connection pool object, you need to pass in a connection pool configuration object EasySwoole\Pool\Config. The properties of the object are as follows:

Configuration Item Default Description Notes
$intervalCheckTime 30*1000 Timer Execution Frequency Used to periodically perform connection pool object reclamation, create operations
$maxIdleTime 15 Connection pool object maximum idle time (seconds) Objects that are not used beyond this time will be reclaimed by the timer
$maxObjectNum 20 Maximum number of connection pools Each process creates up to $maxObjectNum connection pool objects, or nulls if the objects are in use, or wait for connections to be idle
$minObjectNum 5 Minimum number of connection pools (hot start) When the total number of connection pool objects is less than $minObjectNum, the connection is automatically created, keeping the connection active and allowing the controller to get the connection as soon as possible
$getObjectTimeout 3.0 Get the connection pool timeout When the connection pool is empty, it will wait for $getObjectTimeout seconds, if there is a connection idle, the connection object will be returned, otherwise return null
$extraConf Additional Configuration Information Before you instantiate a connection pool, you can put some extra configuration here, such as database configuration information, redis configuration, etc.