Framework initialized event

Refer to EasySwoole\EasySwoole\Core.php.

The function prototype

// ./EasySwooleEvent.php
// ...
class EasySwooleEvent implements Event
    public static function initialize()
        // TODO: Implement initialize() method.

        // Register the default exception handler

    // ...

Framework initialization states

Before the framework initialization event is executed, EasySwoole has completed the following tasks:

  • The environment variables are loaded

    • Which you defined in dev.php or produce.php
  • Some global variables are defined:

    • EASYSWOOLE_ROOT: The current working directory of EasySwoole framework
    • EASYSWOOLE_SERVER: Your application is running as a Swoole Server
    • EASYSWOOLE_WEB_SERVER: Your application is running as a Web Server
    • EASYSWOOLE_WEB_SOCKET_SERVER: Your application is running as a Web Socket Server
    • EASYSWOOLE_REDIS_SERVER: Your application is running as a Redis Server

What to do in this stage

In this hook, you may want to manage some system constants and global configuration values, eg:

  • Modify and create the system default Log/Temp directories
  • Introducing the user-defined configurations
  • Register the database or/and redis connections pool
  • Register the trace chain tracker

What will happen after this

  • The system default Log/Temp directories are defined:
    • The configuration value of Log and Temp directory must be the absolute path.
    • Default Log/Trigger/Error handlers will be registered

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