Http Server

When you set the SERVER_TYPE to EASYSWOOLE_WEB_SERVER in your basic configurations file (dev or produce.php), then your application will be running as a HTTP server. In HTTP server mode, the following modules are out of box:

  • Controllers pool
  • URL parser
  • URL routes rules

HTTP component demo


We first need to register the namespace of the application directory in composer.json. By default, the controllers' namespace is App\HttpController.

    "require": {
        "easyswoole/easyswoole": "^3.1"
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
            "App\\": "App/"

Please make sure all dependencies from the composer.json file have been updated by simply executing the following command:

composer update

The default controller

Once you installed EasySwoole from work, the default controller would have created for you in App/HttpController/Index.php:

namespace App\HttpController;
use EasySwoole\Http\AbstractInterface\Controller;

class Index extends Controller{

     * This is the default action 
    function index()
        $this->response()->withHeader('Content-type', 'text/html;charset=utf-8');
        $this->response()->write('<div style="text-align: center;margin-top: 30px"><h2>欢迎使用EASYSWOOLE</h2></div></br>');
        $this->response()->write('<div style="text-align: center">您现在看到的页面是默认的 Index 控制器的输出</div></br>');
        $this->response()->write('<div style="text-align: center"><a href="">查看手册了解详细使用方法</a></div></br>');

        // Do something awesome from here ...

Start your EasySwoole application:

php easyswoole start

Navigate your browser to http://your-domain-or-ip:9501, then you shall see the welcome messages, which means the HTTP request is led to the index() method in Index.php. Now you can start doing something awesome!

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