Currently, MongoDB does not provide a coroutine version of the PHP client, only a synchronous blocking version. In actual production, direct It is not necessary to create native mongoDB clients for data interaction. If you want to convert a synchronous call to a coroutine call, you can use the sync-invoker component provided by Easyswoole.

Composer install

composer require easyswoole/sync-invoker


Define the mongoDB driver

namespace App\Mongodb;

use EasySwoole\EasySwoole\Trigger;
use EasySwoole\SyncInvoker\AbstractInvoker;
use MongoDB\Client;

class Driver extends AbstractInvoker
    private $db;

    function getDb():Client
        if($this->db == null){
            $mongoUrl = "mongodb://";
            $this->db = new Client($mongoUrl);
        return $this->db;

    protected function onException(\Throwable $throwable)
        return null;

Define the mongoDB client

namespace App\Mongodb;

use EasySwoole\Component\Singleton;
use EasySwoole\SyncInvoker\SyncInvoker;

class MongoClient extends SyncInvoker
    use Singleton;

Registration of services in Easyswoole global event mainServerCreate

MongoClient::getInstance(new Driver())->attachServer(ServerManager::getInstance()->getSwooleServer());


The service can be used anywhere after it is started.

$ret = MongoClient::getInstance()->client()->callback(function (Driver $driver){
    $ret = $driver->getDb()->user->list->insertOne([
        'name' =>Random::character(8),
        return false;
    return $ret->getInsertedId();

$ret = MongoClient::getInstance()->client()->callback(function (Driver $driver){
    $ret = [];
    $collections = $driver->getDb()->user->listCollections();
    foreach ($collections as $collection) {
        $ret[] = (array)$collection;
    return $ret;

See SyncInvoker chapter for more use and original analysis

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