Random Generation Problem

Because of Swoole's own reasons, when using random numbers, additional attention is needed. If mt_rand'is called in the parent process, the result will be the same ifmt_rand' is called again in different child processes. So mt_srand'must be called within each subprocess to reseed. The PHP'functions dependent on random numbers such as shuffle and array_rand will also be affected.

Scenario examples

In the asynchronous process of asynchronous tasks, attention should be paid to the problem of random number seeding, such as the following examples

mt_rand(0, 1);    // Here mt_rand is invoked and seeded automatically in the parent process
$worker_num = 16;

// fork process
for ($i = 0; $i < $worker_num; $i++) {
    $process = new swoole_process('child_async', false, 2);
    $pid = $process->start();

function child_async(swoole_process $worker)
    mt_srand();  // It has to be replanted or the same results will be achieved.
    echo mt_rand(0, 100) . PHP_EOL;

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